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We are Chapters within STARFLEET: the International Fan Club, where we meet mostly online.

You might think that meeting online Correy chapters have no fun. Wrong! Correy Chapters enjoy the same amount of fun that meeting Chapters do, but without doing face to face meetings every month. Correy Chapter members enjoy the same benefits like they were a meeting Chapter. We attend conventions, both Regional and Fleet wide events, Involved ourselves in many charity projects and more. Some of our Chapters are over 25 years old, while others have just begun their adventure.

I invite you to check out all the fun our Chapters have, from going to the Space center, to having a Chapter family outing. Weathering playing paintball, throwing dice in an RPG game, watching a Scifi movie or reading a book, Correy Chapters have an adventure for you. Correy Chapters are for people seeking fun in an Scifi enviroment but yet don,t have a lot of time to spend.

So I encourage you all Beam Aboard.

Commodore Beau T. Thacker
Director, Correy Operations